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Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Artifacts, Manuscripts, Documents, and Books Chronicle 300 Years of History.

The Amistad Center for Art & Culture's collection encompasses nearly 7,000 important objects that reveal the stories of Africans in America dating from the 17th century. Our collection includes:

  • Original paintings and sculpture showing daily life and activities
  • Artifacts such as early toys, games and personal objects
  • Historical documents dating from the 17th century, including letters, slave contracts, slave narratives, wanted posters, maps and broadsides.
  • An extensive group of newspapers, lithographs and political cartoons
  • Memorabilia and rare books from the slave and abolition eras
  • More than 2,500 nineteenth and twentieth century photographs of African Americans
  • Portraits of Black families and individuals in the 1890s

Unsurpassed by any other institution in New England, and one of the finest of its kind in the world, the collection's major subject areas include slavery in the U.S., the Abolitionist movement, the Civil War and Emancipation, the Reconstruction era, Black Resistance and the Civil Rights movement.

Other areas of interest include major artistic, literary, and political figures, the Black church, military participation, satire and stereotypical commentary.

We've recently acquired several interesting and beautiful pieces:

  • Carrie Mae Weems' set of china plates
  • Commemorating and May Flowers from May Days Long Forgotten
  • A Man by Charley Palmer
  • Photographs from Sheila Pree Bright's Young Americans series.

Visit our galleries to experience a part of American history that's rarely seen from this personal point of view.

It will open your mind.

Searching for Rubber by Ellis Walter Ruley
Revolt by Jacob Lawrence
The Bassist by David Driskell
Wheat Farmer by Michael Shea
"Searching for Rubber"
by Ellis Walter Ruley
by Jacob Lawrence
"The Bassist"
by David Driskell
"Wheat Farmer"
by Michael Shea